Monzo & Transferring Money

Hi there,

Here is my situation:
• I transferred £600 from my Bank of Ireland UK to my Monzo this morning at 0020hrs.
• I still haven’t received the payment in my Monzo.
• Is there any idea when I will receive it into my Monzo over the Easter period?
• If I transfer this amount, it usually takes 4-5 hours at that time.

Thanks and any help is grateful.

If it usually takes 4-5 hours then it sounds like there’s some manual processing going on in the background. It could be with current pandemic that they’re not working as they were before.

It’s likely it’ll eventually go through or be returned to your account.

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Just to expand on that, I am pretty sure TTJJ means manual processing at Bank of Ireland. As soon as Monzo receive the money, it will show in your Monzo account.

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Spot on :ok_hand:

It’s likely especially if this is your first payment to your Monzo account, that Bank of Ireland are carrying out some extra security checks. When they release the payment the transfer is pretty much instant (seconds)

I have been using Monzo weekly from Movember 2019. Everything has always went through no problem, however it is different this time, probably on BOIs end.

I will ring them and enquire about this.
Thanks guys!

If you do the transfer often, you may find a standing order goes through easier, as thye can do any checks in advance

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