payment processing time

Has anyone used recently - how long does the transfer take these days?

A friend opted to pay me with it yesterday, rather than do a bank transfer, and we’re now regretting it. The money has gone from his account, but hasn’t turned up in mine.

Presumably it’s not meant to take more than 24 hours. I seem to recall it being instant when I used it before, although that was probably around 2020.

*Yes I have asked Monzo Support on chat, but thought I’d ask here in case they take any longer to respond (1 hour so far!)

It should be instant, did they get a confirmation email?

I suspect it hasn’t gone through and the money will be refunded to their account.


Always instant for me.

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Ta muchly. I will continue to investigate with Monzo support when they wake up, but will let my pal know it probably hasn’t gone through.

It’s one for his bank to answer, not Monzo.

How certain are you that he’s actually paid you?

He can struggle with technology sometimes so perhaps it was user error, but he was pretty adamant it had been taken from his account. He’s sent it as a bank transfer now anyway.