Transfer requests and time limits

It’s day 3 of my request on Monzo to transfer money so I can complete a house sale. if anyone needs to transfer money out of Monzo and it’s above the limit, I’d recommend allowing at least 5 working days to get support and raise your limit.

*Changed my first post to keep it simple. I’ll be moving my main banking elsewhere after the transfer happens. Monzo just can’t handle their support requirements.

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Catchy title!

Nobody on here can help though because we’re all customers like you. It’s odd that your chain broke because you should be transferring your money to your solicitor well in advance - hope you get it sorted soon though. Keep talking to them through chat is your best course of action.


That’s very sad.

I suppose that given the previous threads on here recounting the stress caused by the difficulties experienced by people trying to have their limits raised, then this result was somewhat inevitable.

I hope you raise a complaint with Monzo, and that you come back here with the result of that.

Above all, I hope that you can resolve your accommodation and family issues swiftly.


Did the solicitor not accept the money coming from multiple accounts? I would’ve used multiple accounts in a case like this - Did/Do you have to pay it all at once?

I hope your family are safe above all else you’re not dead. Not the end of the world

Wouldn’t you have to transfer the deposit to the solicitor well in advance of completion date? At that point the mortgage funds should also all be there

Thanks, I did start the transfer well in advance, Monzo are taking ages to pull their finger out.

So that shouldn’t result in a chain breaking. You can still sign the papers and legally commit to the sale.

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Compliant raised, thanks. I started the process so early as to avoid this. Cautionary tales I guess.

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I can’t help but echo the sentiments but still feel for you if the situation is as described.

You transfer the money 1 day before completion. I started this with Monzo days before to avoid this.

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Thanks, I’ll ask.

No you don’t :scream: You get it done well in advance of that for this exact reason - just in case anything goes wrong. Plus the solicitor needs time to verify everything too.

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thanks, I can’t move the money out of Monzo as it above the limits and the solicitor wasn’t going to accept multiple payments over many days.

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I had to pay my solicitor’s fees 2 weeks before completion, otherwise they refused to touch anything else

For the actual purchase, I went for a 100% LTV mortgage but have been told that the deposit is needed a few days in advance of the exchange date

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Thanks, I’ve already done the exchange part, this is the remaining balance.

This is odd too. You’re given an account and reference number so it shouldn’t matter how many chunks you do it in as long as they can match them up with the reference number. We made multiple payments when we paid for search fees etc


There’s so much here that doesn’t add up!


I know we see a lot of these of these posts but on the off chance there is any truth here a little compassion wouldn’t go amiss.


Point taken !