25-ish hours for support?

This is just kind of a rant but I’m sending my deposit today. I tried to arrange it yesterday because forum users suggested you could arrange a limit increase the day before but monzo said no.

Anyway contacted them as soon as I woke up at 8:30am, gave them all my details in order to request an increase in my limit and i’ve been quoted 8 hours. Does this seem insane to anyone? If I contacted my legacy bank it would be done within the hour.

I’m not expecting it to be instant. But 8 hours is ridiculous.


I feel for you. And yes it’s too long for something this important.

Good luck with the house purchase.


Thanks, quite disappointed considering how many people have made it out to be so ‘easy’. This is stressful enough sending such a large amount of money but for a delay this long, quite disappointed in Monzo today.


It’s been an issue for Monzo basically since they started doing current accounts.

I agree it’s stressful and a big life event; but it seems it doesn’t rank on Monzos priorities which is a shame.

If it’s any consolation, I’ve never seen anyone not get the limit raised when they want it, but just outside of what you’d expect.

When it’s done, raise a complaint about it.


Thank you for this.
I’m going to pass this on to our Payments team, who are the best people to help you. They’ll be in touch through the in-app chat within 8 hours.
While you’re in the queue we won’t be able to see any more of your replies so you’re welcome to leave the chat for the moment. Our team will reach out once they’ve taken a look at your message.
Thanks for your patience.

This is what they sent me. So far it has been 6. “While you’re in the queue we won’t be able to see any more of your replies

Sorry what, so you’re going to ignore me while I wait?


Yep. Exactly that. Monzo’s version of

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When you do get it raised, make sure you raise a complaint about it too - because otherwise Monzo won’t change the process. :+1:


There’s nothing else for you to say to speed it up and it stops people spamming them with “Is it done yet?” requests.

I’ve literally just done this 2 days ago. Moved house and arranged the deposit payment to my solicitor.
Messaged Monzo in the morning and got the same message, luckily for me it was only an hour or so and then they asked for a picture with my passport. Then it was all done :+1:

Yeah I did everything before hand like you and then they sent me the message after saying they’d pass it on…

I echo this- the limit raise process is very poor, and Monzo staff have consistently said in this forum that complaints drive change.

7 hours in

I was in the same place as you (and others) when this came up.

I requested a limit increase the working day before I wanted it, at 3:30pm on Day 0, for a payment to be made on Day 1.

I got confirmation that my limits were increased on 22:15 on Day 1, so that I could make a payment on Day 2.

Literally 5 hours after the solicitors had shut for the day.

So will further echo the sentiment this process is broken. I was lucky in that it that it wasn’t time bound, but still far less than ideal.


Yeah fortunately it isn’t that time bound but I’m already having a lot of anxiety about the process so adding this to the equasion isn’t helping. 22:15 is absolutely shocking…


8 hours in… I’m just going to keep editing this to highlight the point to staff that this is an issue.

The conveyencer is closed now. So thanks monzo


Coming up to 9 hours.


For such a large, life-changing process I’d still always recommend using a traditional bank, sadly. It’s just not something Monzo are (currently) really set up to deal with effectively.


I just sent my deposit over the course of a few days, it was with the solicitor well before an actual completion date. Meant I didn’t have to faff about with a raised limit.

The problem comes if you also happen to be frauded the same day, and you can’t get through to anyone because you’re in Monzo’s version of hold music hell

Whoever thought that a single threaded chat is a good idea should be given a stern talking to