Transfer direct debits

Have an individual account but have created a joint account.
I would like to transfer all standing orders and direct debits over, to come out of the new joint account.
Can this be done easily? I’ve tried doing a switch process but it errors everytime.
Is my only option to recreate everything in the joint account?

Thanks in advance

I suspect it’ll be a case of having to manually go to each organisation to let them know about the new direct debit details.

Thought it might be but that’s crazy considering both accounts are in Monzo. They can transfer direct debits from another back to Monzo but can’t do it between Monzo accounts. Looks like I will be busy then lol

That’s not possible I’m afraid, you’ll have to move them manually.

We did this and it’s not as bad as it may seem. Most providers allow you to change your direct debit details online and there were only a couple that we had to phone. Split between two, it should be even quicker.

Agree it would be nice to have an option to move them automatically though :slight_smile:

Thanks ordog. Seems that’s the answer

You need a Monzo Personal account to then have a Joint Account.
So if you try & switch (CASS) from the Personal account to a Joint, it’ll error.

From memory CASS’ing between banks is only possible from a Personal account to another Personal account or from a Joint account to another Joint account.

So in this case, it’s the manual way as @Ordog has said. I did the same manual switch when Joint accounts launched and it didn’t take long.