Joint account transfer DD/SS

(Dominic) #1

Can we have a feature to move a direct debit or standing order from a personal account to the joint account via a simple click or two?

(Ben Talbot) #2

They’ve said somewhere that they’d like to do that… Not sure how long it’ll be

(Jack) #3

The current account switch service will allow this but it’s not officially running for joint accounts yet. Keep your eyes peeled :soon: :eyes:


I think @dominickelly means the ability to move a direct debit or standing order from their Monzo personal account to their Monzo joint account & vice versa (rather than using CASS on an account with another provider), which is a great idea.

(Andy) #5

At the moment same bank to same bank switches are not supported by the CASS process so you’d need to manually move them all


I’m not sure the idea was about CASS at all! Just a way of easily moving direct debits and standing orders from your personal account to your joint account and vice versa.

Moving standing orders would definitely be possible, direct debits could be tricky though.

(Dominic) #8

Yes. Exactly that.