Moving DD to joint account (& vice versa)


Apologies if this is covered in other topics…

My wife is going #fullmonzo next month and we may look at joint accounts when released. The main use of it would be to combine money and direct debits for household bills so could monzo support moving selectable direct debits to the joint account from 1 or 2 individual accounts?

You need to tell the company to cancel your current direct debit and set up a new one on your joint account.

Most companies allow DDs to be set up online.

Monzo can’t move DDs around. All that happens in a Current Account Switch is Monzo tells the company to change the DD on your behalf, but you can’t use a switch to go from a sole account to a joint account.

Other banks allow sole accounts to be converted to joint accounts, meaning you could keep DDs as they are but I believe Monzo will open a new joint account.

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We might be able to support switching Direct Debit Instructions between accounts you own—it’s something we’ve been thinking about…


This would be a really useful feature.


Hi. Is this available yet? I’ve just switched my Lloyds current account to Monzo, with my direct debits migrating seamlessly :slight_smile: But i now need to move them to my Monzo joint account, as my partner is moving too. Any advice would be great. Would rather not have to call everyone to do it manually.


It’s not available yet.

Most people (myself included) have just moved the direct debits manually and found that is isn’t as bad as it may seem. Most can be done on the company websites in minutes and there were only a handful that needed a phone call to be changed.

Admittedly being in a call centre queue for those few is not a good use of your time but my advice would be to just get stuck in and you’ll done in no time :slight_smile:


Thanks. I thought as much. Yeah, im sure it won’t take long. :roll_eyes::grin:

Just curious, why hasn’t this been rolled out yet? It would seem super convenient with the new bills pots…

Perhaps they are busy with other developments which have taken priority.

Also, whilst Tim said it’s something they’ve been thinking about, that doesn’t necessarily translate to being specced up, approved, implemented, tested and rolled out. There’s nothing to say it’s definitely happening until such time as they say it is.

Is this available yet? @tjvr

Would be super convenient and another reason for me and my wife to go full Monzo …

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It’s not available yet.

My earlier comment still applies in this situation - it really doesn’t take long and it’s worth the effort.

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Yes I’d second that – just create a new DD with the company. It’ll take 5 minutes.