Moving direct debits from sole monzo account to joint monzo account

I now have a joint Monzo account but my direct debits are in my sole account. It there a mechanism to transfer them to the joint account please? There was talk of this as a feature 3 years ago but no idea if it happened. I don’t fancy doing it manually as it took about a week to move them from my other bank.

Unfortunately it has to be a manual process.

Jeez! :flushed:

Most of mine could be done online and only a few I needed to call for. I have a lot and it took me no more than an hour.

But to answer your question there is no feature, it needs to be done manually.

CAS the Monzo sole account to a mule account then CAS that to your joint account. This should take 10 minutes of your time. We’ve all got a mule account right?!

Sounds good.

I don’t think it would work with Monzo, though.

You can’t do that without closing your joint account.

Then you’d have to wait 30 days to reopen your personal account, then set up a new joint account….

Sure. But the use case is ‘i don’t want to do it manually’.

Even if they did what you’re suggesting they’d just end up going full circle with their direct debits back on their personal account. You can’t CASS joint Monzo accounts.

True that. Ok How’s this - one extra step for our manual-effort-shy OP

  1. CASS Monzo single to mule single
  2. Convert mule single to a joint account (same applicant as current Monzo joint)
  3. CASS mule joint to Monzo joint

You can’t CASS to a Monzo joint account.

And you’d still be closing your personal account so you’ve got to wait 30 days to reopen it.

As Revels said. I forgot to include the word ‘Monzo’ in my last comment so I’ve edited it now :slight_smile:

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You can absolutely CASS a joint account into a Monzo joint account. We did it a couple of years ago to avoid going into a Barclays’ branch to close the old account.

You can’t switch a joint to a personal, but apparently can switch both a joint or a personal to a joint.

That said, the above route of using a mule account seems like a very good way to spend several hours to save ten minutes of work manually switching a few direct debits.


Wow that’s news to me. You didn’t used to be able to, I’m sure :thinking:

I stand corrected and thanks for the link too :blush:

I also agree that it seems a far more long winded way of doing it with the risk of something going wrong too. It really doesn’t take as long as people think to move direct debits manually.

not to mention the hard credit search when you re-apply to Monzo

Thanks all for the feedback. Quick answer seems to be it needs to be manual transfer. The reason I am in this mess is that the joint accounts do not work the way I thought. Because you have to have a single account first I thought they were a virtual joining of 2 single accounts, but it seems they are completely separate. It is not that easy to find out this kind of stuff on monzo.

Yeah, you’re right, it came a good while after personal CASS. Maybe 1.5/2 years?