My partner just moved into my property and we have set up and joint account on Monzo as we are both Monzo users. but all my household direct debits are linked to my mine account is there a quick way to swap them over at all to the joint account ??:crazy_face:

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Not that I’m aware of.

You need to call each company or log onto their website (if they allow it) and update your payment details.

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You can vote for this feature here.

I did it manually too. It’s not as time-consuming as you think (most companies allow you to change the bank details online, some you have to call) but be careful. Some companies do charge the old ‘admin fee’ for any changes to a contract. I managed to negotiate out of paying the ‘admin fee’ with all companies I had to move, except for one. I got it reduced though.


Is this not already a thing? I only ask because a) I’ve only just opened a joint account and b) I’ve never used it?


What hardware platform and app version?

I don’t have ‘Move payment to Joint Account’ on any D/D in either my Personal or Joint Account?

For some reason it’s only available to staff. I’ve never mentioned on the forum before because I wasn’t sure if that was public knowledge. It’s very frustrating knowing that the feature exists but not knowing why it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone. I can only assume that something else is higher priority.

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Teasers. But now that it’s been outed…

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Yep defo not for general release yet.

Perhaps this is one of the secret features that was due to be announced soon? Oooops :laughing:

its not really fair when this would save alot a time for people !! upset monzo customer !! just only got over the plus Saga !! :sob:

Would you like a hug? :hugs: :wink:

Sadly, that’s not the impression I get. My husband (Monzo engineer) asked about it recently because we’ve just moved house and wanted to use the opportunity to tidy up our finances. I can’t remember exactly what the response was, but not any time soon.

You’re on the staff build?

Good job you didn’t just give away anything secret :joy:

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Normally it doesn’t stay in staff testing too long. It’s only if there are bugs, they aren’t confident it works in all cases, or if they’re going to add something else to it, that it isn’t rolled out quickly

This is still staff only :see_no_evil:

I’m not sure why it’s not rolled out further so I am asking. :question:


this would be amazing to know!! can you keep me posted !!

All I can say here is - DOH!


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