Transactions won’t refresh, have to keep deleting and reinstall app

I have been having a repeated issue for a couple of months now, around once a week (sometimes more often). My app won’t refresh, even though I am getting notifications about payments, etc. I occasionally get an “access token is expired” message if I try and categorise a previous transaction.

Only way to refresh the app is to delete it and reinstall every time, which is becoming a real chore. All google searches have suggested this, but I can’t keep doing it every time!

Help would be much appreciated!

(I am using iOS 13.4.1)


So this keeps occuring after you reinstall the app?

Don’t know if it could be related, but are there any apps that you have given permission to integrate with?

If you go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Manage Apps, perhaps somewhere in there it may have an integration that needs permissions refreshing?

Not sure if that will help but could point you to the culprit

did you try just closing the app from the background? try go into settings as well then on the monzo app see if the app reset sessions is on

This sounds like a keychain bug. Keychain is a piece of software that is part of iOS, which the app uses securely store your credentials. Unfortunately these bugs are really hard to track down and fix :disappointed:

Could you report this in chat? Something you can try in the interim is going to the settings app, scroll down till you find Monzo, tap Monzo and then turn on the little “Reset Session” option. Finally open app again, give it a moment, force close it and reopen.

With a bit of luck that might get Keychain to start behaving again.