App stopped updating

I noticed about 2 months ago the app sometimes stops updating with new transactions and will not load the overview.

I have tried updating to the latest version and uninstalling / reinstalling and these have not fixed the issue.

The only way to fix the issue is to logout and login again 1-2 times per week. I have been using Monzo for over 2 years and never had to do it before this started a couple of months ago

I’m pretty sure that once I went to the overview tab and saw an access token expired message, but haven’t seen it since.

I think it would be best to extend the expiry on the access token or to gracefully handle it instead of not providing any feedback other than (updated 1 day ago) in the transaction feed.

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You should contact in app support for an engineer to have a look.

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android or IOS? and the type of phone

Of course, I forgot to mention. iPhone XS with iOS 13.5.1

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