Transaction refunded after 7 days

Rather odd. Made a purchase 7 days ago and just received a refund from the Merchant! Is this the merchants fault possibly not processing the payment in time (7 days)?


Merchants are supposed to capture the money from an authorisation within 7 days of the authorisation being created.

Monzo have effectively released the money back to you, because to Monzo it appears the merchant isn’t going to capture it & the initial authorisation might have been a mistake.

This doesn’t mean to say that it’s a refund, the merchant can still capture that money if you’ve received the goods. I think they have a very long time to actually capture the money, if I remember right, it’s over a year. Although I very much doubt a merchant would want to go that long without payment.

I’d just make sure you don’t spend the money in the meantime. If the merchant does try to collect it, it’ll appear in your feed as a Delayed Payment, and if your balance is negative at the time, it’ll take you into an overdraft.


Possibly. And unfortunately I believe they are still able to reclaim it at some point.


Knowing them no doubt they will maybe at end month. I’ll bear this in mind making sure there is credit in there.


Thanks for the advice. Appreciated. I will make sure I have money in there just in case. Was only £4.75 but still I don’t want any negative balances.


I had this recently with Tesco delivery. 7 days after receiving the delivery I got the money credited back. I spoke a word to no one and had a grin on my face for about a day until they realised and re-charged me.

Was a minor inconvenience due to taking two round-ups and getting my hopes up :grinning:

Whilst I was a bit shady by not contacting them (as I most certainly would have if they’d double-charged me), I don’t think I was too naughty as I could have been really bad and moved the £100somethng out of the account, then they wouldn’t be able to get it again :smiling_imp: but I just left it there for them to take it :innocent:

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Tesco are the worst for this kinda thing. And double charging. (Purely anecdotal).

I agree!!

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