Delayed Payment?

Spent £2.50 at Tesco yesterday, and this morning i get a notification saying a delayed payment has come out ?
Help !

Delayed payments can occur if the merchant doesn’t process/authorize them straight away. When they do process them they pass the date the transaction occurred across to Monzo hence why Monzo show it as a delayed payment.

You mention you spent the money at the post office? But the transaction shows Tesco, I do see a Post Office item listed further down your feed, did you mean Tesco in your original post?


Yes i meant Tesco lol. silly me.

Thanks dude :slight_smile:


Also, did you only make one transaction? If so I’d imagine it’s an error on Tesco’s end (they have accidentally told Monzo you made two payments and to hold two amounts ready for collection). When they come to collect the funds in a few days they should automatically notice it was only suppose to occur once and only take one £2.44. Monzo will then release the other amount back to you since it wasn’t collected by Tesco within 7ish days.

Alternatively if you need the money released back to you ASAP click on the transaction and press the “Something Wrong?” button, you can request for the funds to be released back to you sooner.


Yes, one transaction for some groceries. So have they taken out £4.88 ? I cant figure it out.

The one will drop off your feed in a few days as it was made in error by Tesco, they will only take the one set of money :slight_smile: . The other £2.44 is being held by Monzo in case Tesco come to collect it.

If it doesn’t after 7 or so days contact in app support.


Nice one thanks man

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Just reversed the transaction and the money was instantly refunded.
Hopefully this doesn’t happen again, was it a problem on Tesco’s side ?

Great :slight_smile: . Yes they accidentally informed Monzo you made two payments, so as I say above Monzo held the money twice in case Tesco collected both. Tesco would most likely of realized their error and only collected one payment upon which Monzo would have refunded the other payment to you after a few days.


FYI this may interest you:


Thanks for the info, very helpful.

Are these delayed payments common ?

Yes in certain situations:

Below are examples I can think of, if anyone want’s to correct me feel free :slight_smile:

  • If you’re on a plane and there is no internet connection they will record the transaction and then process it later on once the plane lands.

  • TFL also work like this as they record your trips and then total up what you should be charged for that day etc.

  • The merchant is just lazy and doesn’t process them in real time.


I think there should be stiffer rules with payment processing, especially in major retailers like Tesco.

Most people can manage an extra £2.44 but imagine it was £244? It’s a bit like Pay at the pump holds… I dont see how it is fair to the customer to be held to ransom until a transaction “drops off”

we’re not all loaded…


Thats a good point reg. higher priced transactions, I dont have enough money to be charged twice for stuff. I know its not Monzos fault but a huge business like Tesco shouldn’t be having issues


You might want to avoid reading this then! :grin:

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Hmm my grandad had problems with Tesco.
He uses the self checkout, and sometimes they would charge the wrong amount, so lets say the groceries come to £3.00 they would be charging £3.20

Shame really because Tesco express is the only decent shop near me.

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My local Tesco Extra stores have “scan as you shop” and the price on the handheld scanner almost never matches up with the price at the end when you go to checkout.

I actually try and avoid Tesco where possible because in my experience it is the one supermarket where price discrepancies are almost inevitable


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