Refund time

I’ve been waiting for a refund to come through for a couple days now, how long should I wait before contacting :monzo: support?

It depends entirely on at what stage the merchant issued the refund and how their system did it.

Often, in online orders that are refunded before the merchant ships, the money is just never collected and the authorisation is left to expire instead of being cancelled. In these cases, the “refund” can take around a banking week to show up.

Given that, if it doesn’t show up after a week, I would ask support so they can look in to it on their side.

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Hi Kieran - 3-5 working days is the general timeframe for refunds…


Was in Tesco yesterday and used my monzo card, today I had to return an item so they credit it back to my monzo card, but its not showing on my account, just wondering how long it takes to show on my account

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It’s a bit of a lottery, but can take any time from ‘now’ to 7 days, but that’s average, so not that helpful. Probably Tesco knows the best how often they process them, but I doubt you’ll want to go back to the shop again just to ask that. :wink:

You can contact support via in-app chat if you’d like something more specific info to your transaction. :slight_smile:

Once Monzo receives the info about refund, it should appear immediately.

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I’ve moved your post here as Simon’s shared some more info earlier in the thread. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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