Sale to immediate refund


I wondering if anyone has had this issue and if so, what happens going forward.

This isn’t related to my Monzo account but I’m curious none the less.

Someone I know went to Tesco and spent £46 on a shop. There was £47odd in the Monzo and when paying at the till, it took slightly longer than normal but went through and a receipt was printed as usual.
A minute or so later and not known at the time, a refund of the exact same amount was placed into the account.

Obviously the payment was authorised for a receipt to be printed and I’ll assume that at some point Tesco will want their money back.

Has this happened to anyone?
What’s the reason for it?
When will Tesco complete the transaction?


Happened to me about 2 years ago in Tesco. The amount came out again a few days later. No idea why it happened.

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I’ve also had weird issues with Tesco ,

But they’ll take the money again within a few days as an offline payment, so make sure there’s money in the account or it’ll go into unarranged overdraft.


I’ve had this happen to me in the past at Tesco, usually when using contactless at a self service checkout. The screenshot here shows a payment that was taken and refunded twice, and then taken again the next day - I never found out why it had happened though :joy:

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Ah brilliant. So they should, in theory, take the money tomorrow then.
Thank you for your help. I will let the other person know now :+1:t2:

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I’d love to know the reason for this. Seems like Tesco is infamous for it but I’ve also experienced it in other supermarkets. :man_shrugging: Dodgy networks?