transaction notes entered in notification spin forever upon submit

Issue: Adding notes to a transaction directly from the notification dropdown results in infinite spinning icon with no apparent effect (but does add the note, if entering the full app, one can see the note is there, but spinning progress indicator remains forever)

Details to reproduce:

  • initiate a transaction
  • receive notification in the app
  • expand notification
  • select “add notes”
  • type your note
  • use ‘send’ icon
  • result: spinning progress indicator forever

OS: Android 12 SQID.211205.017
Device: Google Pixel 6 Pro
App Version: 4.11.1

see attached screenshot, spinning indicator circled in blue markup. it will remain forever. Notification can be swiped away after that, but no indication adding the note succeeded (it does succeed typically)

I can reproduce this exact issue on my phone with the Monzo (UK) app version 4.12.1:


OS: Android 12 SQ1A.211205.008
Device: Google Pixel 5
App Version: 4.12.1

It must be an Android 12 thing.

Or a Google Pixel thing?

Need someone with a different phone to post, I reckon.

I no longer spend on my Monzo account, so I can’t oblige atm.