Payment notification spins forever when attempting to add notes

When I get a payment notification and try to add notes directly in the notification, the “notes” field goes grey and a spinner appears. This stays forever, even if I go back an hour later. Sometimes the notes are actually applies to the transaction, but often they aren’t; I haven’t analysed this at any depth.

Details to reproduce: Make a payment and try to set notes from the notification.
OS: Android 10
Device: Google Pixel 3a (also happened on Moto x4)
App Version: 3.43.0

Screenshots: TODO

I’d suggest the standard uninstall and reinstall, I have a pixel 3 , I’ll try remember to test next time I get a notification.

But meanwhile you can send me money so I can test

Thanks - this issue persisted when I got the Pixel a few weeks ago, so I assume a reinstall wouldn’t help. Let me know how you get on :slightly_smiling_face:

This used to work fine for me on a Galaxy S8. Then it broke and behaved as you described - the spinner never goes away, sometimes it submitted, sometimes it doesn’t.

Just updated to a new phone, newer version of Android, the behaviour is the same, the spinner never goes away. Seems like someone broke something.