Notifications show more then what actually occurred

Issue: Notifications show more then what actually occurred e.g. 3 show but only two took place

Details to reproduce: Wait for transaction
OS: iOS 12 (beta)
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: 2.2.0. #418



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I have exactly the same issue. I don’t really report many things these days after they do not seem bothered to fix
iPhone 10
iOS 11.4
App 2.1.0

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Please report. We’ve just created a new Bug Reports subforum :grinning: We’re very sorry if we gave that impression!


This is already ticketed and product are aware :raised_hands:

Thanks! :blush:


I raised a topic on this very forum questioning the recent quality and in their defence the team have promptly set up a bugs category on this forum. The responsibility is now on us as customers to report these bugs so the Monzo team can do their best to fix them.


Thanks Jamie, we do appreciate it!

@HughWells has agreed to ensure that things posted here get properly internally ticketed and that way we can always stay on top of what’s happening to provide updates and close the feedback loop!


Thank you Simon.

A part of me felt really bad about the post. I know the team work hard and no one is expecting miracles overnight (at least I hope not) but I did feel it time that the lapse in quality was highlighted. We can only help you to improve the service if we as customers highlight these areas to you.

Thanks again and keep being great :slight_smile:


Hi @HughWells @simonb

Do we know if there has been any progress on this front? Becoming a bit of a bugbear for me. I made one transaction this afternoon and the notifications count reported three?

I’m afraid Hugh is on holiday for a couple of weeks. I’ll see what I can find out.

I won’t hold it against him :wink:

Well deserved holiday.

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Yeah I was just gonna ask this, I make one transaction and it it shows 4 sometimes 8 on the notification bubble thing!

No reply yet :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be an iOS bug which Apple will resolve or something that can’t be resolved until iOS 12 is launched to public/Apple allows iOS 12 apps to be submitted for review

I don’t believe this to be an iOS bug. No other application that I have installed on my phone, duplicates or even triplicates the notifications.

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No I agree it doesn’t feel like an iOS but either but you never know!

It’s infuriating & isn’t resetting, it’s just going up :sob:

You could turn off badges temporarily in notification settings until it’s resolved?

I could also switch bank, but y’know - we’re not going to extremes here.


I don’t think I was being extreme? It was a genuine suggestion. Apologies if it didn’t come across that way.

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For me the number matches the ifttt notifications I get.

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