Notification Actions

There’s two main reasons why I view my individual transactions in the :mondo: app:

  1. To make sure that it’s been assigned the correct category, which will become more important in the future as :mondo:'s categorisation becomes more intelligent (but less consistent).

  2. To add notes, mainly as tags / sub-categories so that I can search for certain transactions in the future.

Maybe other users use other features more but displaying the assigned category in the notification & adding a 3D touch function, to enable users to add notes to transactions from the notifications, would save me quite a lot of time.

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I wonder if this could be integrated in to an iOS 10 notification extension. Be able to, from the lock screen, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to authenticate and then press in to the Monzo notification to see the merchant logo, amount, category, possibly even the map and the buttons for adding notes and receipts. Effectively a mini view of the main transaction screen.

Right now, I just swipe or tap the notification to go straight to it in Monzo and add extra information from there. Would be cool to do it from the lock screen within the notification though.

That would be even better :slight_smile:

Transactions notifications should have a separate button to add a note without having to unlock device.


I would like to see this as well. The main thing I want to do is see the category and then change it from the notification if needed.


I’m just wondering why your remaining balance doesn’t show on the spend notifications which come through? I personally would find it very useful for my cash management.

Is this something you could implement please Monzo?


Love the idea of Notification Actions. I’m an Android user, so 3DTouch isn’t a thing in my world. An example of how I see this working on Android is like so.

Get notification showing purchase as usual, also showing icon for category used.
Expand notification to show additional actions ability buttons including, change category to expense/other.
Tap the notification as a whole for opening directly to that transaction.

Perhaps I’m lazy, but having to open unlock, tap the icon, load up the app, tap the category, then change it is annoying. This is more specific to Expenses for me, as not every time I go to Costa/get a train it’s an expense, but if I’m getting a coffee on a work trip it is.

The auto expense categorisation is often wrong for me so being able to not default expenses, but mark them as I do them, would make them more true. However it’s done, some sort of notification control will streamline the whole process of getting more out of Monzo.

Looking at the roadmap, I don’t see anything related to Notification Actions.

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The below comment was posted following the launch of Tags.

Not sure if it’s been suggested but the ability to add tags/notes in the notification would be great. Like replying to a WhatsApp message or text.


I requested this a while ago (so I’ve moved your post here) but perhaps now that notes are going to be edited more often, due to Tags, this is worth considering again..:crossed_fingers:

The feature I’d most like to see on a notification is a split bill shortcut.

I’d love to see this too, or the ability to use IFTTT to add tags