[Android] Add note from notification puts against wrong payment

When adding note to a payment from Android notifications, it spins and never completes. Meantime in the app it has put [edit] note against the wrong payment.

Details to reproduce:
Possibly only occurs with more than one notification - usually updating oldest notification first.
Type anything in for the note (usually a single word with no special chars for me), whilst it’s spinning, go to app and the more recent payment has been updated with the note intended for the later payment.
Noting this was on a JOINT account. Haven’t tried on personal account.

Android 8.1.0 (December 2018 Security patch)

Blackberry KeyOne (BBB100-2)

App Version:
2.28.1 (Updated: 14th December 2018)


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Have also seen for personal account for Android 8.0 on Moto G6 Plus

Seems OK when there is only one notification

Off by one error or similar?

Wish we could do this on iOS. Support for rich notifications please!

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What would you add? :slight_smile:

Could the use of rich notifications in iOS enable us to approve a 3D Secure transaction without having to go into the app?

Change category from the notification, add a note from notification. Approve 3DS transactions. Reply to chat messages without opening the app