Feed not updating

Today I have made two transactions, however feed has not updated.
I quit the app and reloaded, message says “yesterday - updated a few seconds ago” but still doesn’t include my two transactions from today.
I checked Monzo status and no reports of card transactions failing.
Have deleted app and reinstalled, still no updated feed to include today’s two transactions?

Could they have been offline transactions?

Strange that the app appears to be updating “a few seconds ago” but the transactions don’t show.

Are you sure they went through OK?

I had one a few months ago which didn’t update. It turned out that the contactless transaction hadn’t worked due to a faulty card. Neither I nor the merchant noticed, because we were both so used to it just working. Do you have receipts for the transactions?

Edit: or what @Jackcrwhitney said.

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Both regular places I use and both in the past have worked immediately.
So I don’t think they were offline payments.

I suspect they will pop up at some point :slight_smile: just make sure you keep enough money to cover the payments

Ok guys I’m ready to be shot down …
Problem solved when I realised I had another card behind my Monzo card in my wallet which was the card used for the transaction.
Card now removed :rofl:


At least it’s explained…