Chat page broken

Hi there

I have been having issues with the chat page. I keep getting replies from Monzo members but I only get a notification and when I click it I am directed to the chat page which only shows my messages, nothing else. I have uninstalled and installed again but nothing changed.

I am trying to resolve a refund issue and this is starting to become very frustrating.

Any ideas on getting it to work? I am using a pixel 3 running Android 10



I’ll go down the ‘have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling’ route for this. Might be enough to (re)pull the messages through?

Yes. Still the same problem

I find it takes some time to load the messages,

Can you try moving to mobile data or WiFi

Also off you do get it fixed let us know how for future reference if possible.

This didn’t work, still not fixed. It has been over 24hours since I sent the first message.

you could try phoning the number on the back of your card

Ok, good idea, however I am currently in South America with no option to call but may have to wait until I return.

I was trying to sort it out before as it has been over 2 weeks with the money still in limbo.

Is there an option to email?

You can email

There’s an 020 number also if that’s better.

Edit ; +44 203 872 0620

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a staff member was saying yesterday that email is really backlogged so that could take a few days for a reply

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