Transaction emoji

Great. So I’d love to see the MCC>emoji lookup table that they’ve created (and compare it to the one they use for categories).

That’s what I mean. All emoji are overwritten.

Are there many transactions atm without emoji?

Possibly some without, yes. There’s far too many merchants in the world to be able to map them all. I’ve noticed some purchases abroad not have a set emoji. The category is usually handled well in such a case as you’re able to blanket say “my time in this country is to be categorised as this category”

I don’t believe Monzo want to opensource all the Merchant data they’ve been enriching over the years.

Would be interesting to see how many merchants there are though. Bet it would be a hefty table!

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Depends how you map them.

The point is it sounds like it isn’t merchant data, just the standard Mastercard MCC directory…

It’s merchant data.

It has been discussed in the merchant data corrections topic where Monzo claim to “do their best when picking an emoji”. You can also see some people requesting changes and them being updated in the topic too.

Why then did Monzo staff say it’s not merchant data?

Is this really that big a deal? :sweat_smile: sorry I just struggle to see why there’s a need to see it.

I have explained my desire three times I think now. I don’t think by any stretch you could call it a “need” or a “big deal”.

I’ve not seen staff say that, but if some are saying it is merchant data and some are saying it isn’t then what do you want from me?

Sorry I couldn’t find where this was the case in the link you provided.

Here’s one comment for starters: (FYI they no longer work for Monzo)

If you can’t be bothered to do your own research prior to making claims then I’m not going to go through and find them all for you.

I wasn’t the one making that claim. And that doesn’t explicitly say it’s on a per merchant not per MCC basis so doesn’t necessarily back up your claim anyway. I’d rather wait for someone to clear up the mixed messages.

Logos and names are clearly based on regex rules but emoji are much less clear. If it turns out they are per merchant too, we need to see why the staff thought otherwise.

And I did do my research before making a claim which was precisely why I gave the reason I had for making it! I was merely asking about the claim you made!

(Are crowdfunding investors staff as well?)

Good luck with that.

I’m almost certain that you’ve had it explained to you before that these kind of requests generally don’t get answered on the forum. If you want an official response you need to email Monzo :slight_smile:

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Can we kill the permanaent conforntational attitude in these threads please? They are very tiresome to read.


Absolutely agree! It’s very frustrating to have the immediate response to everything being so aggie!

I really get bored of all the sarky responses to straightforward questions.

I’ve not been sarcy or confrontational. Simply from my standpoint I don’t see how it “makes monzo work better” be they use MCC or meta data. The fact is, it’s a user friendly feature that makes Monzo a more youthful internet based bank versus your brick and mortars. How they come to generate such a resulting emoji does not necessarily need sharing. Monzo are after all proprietary and non-open source. In so much the same way they will not share any credit decision making.


No I don’t think you have either.

Of course not. I don’t think anyone said otherwise :slight_smile:

I’m curious not demanding! All I asked is whether it’s documented and then said “I’d love to see it” if it is documented.

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It’ll probably be documented somewhere. I’d like to hope Monzo has some sort of documentation for any code changes they make! :ok_hand:t2:

However, it’s likely to never be shared unfortunately :frowning:

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I’m pretty sure that logo, name and emoji are based on regex rules, the emoji are listed alongside the other merchant data.

There was a screenshot many moons ago showing the improvements that were being worked on for merchant data (don’t know if it was ever implemented) and the emoji was displayed alongside the reset of the Merchant Data in the example shown.

It’s on the forum somewhere.


In fact, here is is!

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