Images on incoming payments

Hey all, first real time on the forum so apologies if this is daft or been asked before.

I really like how clean the app is on card payments with the images. However I notice incoming payments don’t have any graphic and there is no option to add the twitter link etc.

I get paid expenses through football and would be nice to have there logo showing. Also when like a normal bank account transfer money across that is also an ugly graphic and no picture like a contact…

Let me know thanks


Really like this idea of having a logo on incoming payments.

Agreed. I think it’s these little touches that make Monzo ‘feel’ nicer to use everyday. When a logo is missing for a business/transfer/payment it’s really glaring.

Very much a nice to have feature.


Wait till it’s your birthday. You get :birthday: on every transaction.

[Edit] That’s on the instant notification, not the transaction feed.


Ooh, must go into the city on Sunday for a coffee then :tada:


Happy birthday weekend! (Saying it now as I’ll only forget tomorrow) :tada: :birthday:

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I agree, would be great to add some finesse to this. My example is the bottom payment is direct debit to Sainsbury’s Bank, the top one is a manual payment to the same account but they display differently, one like a business the other like a person.

Great idea, I hope this happens

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