💷 for £?

I received my :mondo: card yesterday after much anticipation! :clap: First time out today and I love it already. One thing that surprised me, though, is that when I withdrew some cash, the emoji used for the notification was :dollar: and not :pound:. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to use :pound: for withdrawals since that’s the currency we’re withdrawing? To make things fancier, you could display :euro: when used in a country that uses euros, :dollar: if the card is used in the US, and :yen: if it is used in Japan. I guess, given that this is a UK account (bank eventually!), :pound: would make most sense as the default for other currencies which don’t have emojis.

Thoughts? Or is there a secret plan to try and get the whole world to use :dollar:s?! :joy_cat:


Hahahha :joy:, good idea ! And I didn’t realised that the app is using $ emoji for withdrawing and not £ , :raised_hands:t3:.

Well noticed! :slight_smile: :eyeglasses:

They also used :dollar: Instead of :pound: for Poundland before I pointed that out!

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Good points! I’ve fixed the :pound: issue already.

I’ll add a ticket for foreign ATM withdrawals - really cool idea.


Wow, that was quick – looking forward to my next withdrawal. :smile:


@matt has implemented this for yen, euros and dollars.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Should have this pushed out either today or tomorrow morning :wink:


I made a withdrawal this morning, but the :dollar: emoji was still used. Is the switch to :pound: like the yen/euro/dollar updates @matt implemented, in that it will be ‘pushed out’ at a later date?

Thanks for such a quick implementation of this suggestion!

@jzw95 You were a bit too quick, I shipped the new version at 11am today! Withdrawals in Pounds :pound: seem to work fine, though would love people to test out Euros :euro: Dollars :dollar: & Yen :yen: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, yes, the ATM next to our office hands out £5 notes! Though now I won’t have those purchases on my Mondo card :sob:


@matt thanks again – I await my next withdrawal! :smile:

Thought I’d add on to this post as it’s relevant.

The same thing happens when I spent some money today in McDonald’s…(don’t judge me).

The ‘Your balance is now’ emoji / icon has a dollar sign. Would be good to use the ££ instead.

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While I agree, there is no direct replacement for the :money_with_wings: emoji. :slightly_frowning_face:

No reason I can see why it shouldn’t be swapped for :pound: anyway though.


My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:


I agree :slight_smile: I think i it should have the £ emoji

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