Emojis and Scheduled payment bugs

Hi all, I’m on :iphone: iOS: Monzo 2.54.1

I’ve had a look but can’t find a related thread for this bug, but I was under the impression we could use emojis in payment references? I’ve gone to do so and I’m not able to. :man_shrugging:t2:

:no_entry: Also, I’ve categorised some of my scheduled monthly payments as ‘expenses’, however from the Schedule page, when I click on the relevant merchant it’s listed as ‘general’ and I’m unable to change it (back to expenses). Has anyone else had similar issues?

:+1:t2: Thanks!

You can use emojis in tags or monzo me payments but not in references sent with a bank transfer


Thanks for clarifying :grin:

I wonder how Coutts would cope with “ :poop: :poop: :unicorn: :badger:” as a payment reference :joy:


Maybe when Badger Pay reaches tipping point