Transaction emoji

@Rika mentioned these being automated from MCC but I can’t see them on any of my transactions. What are they, what do they look like and how are they generated?


I believe it’s on the payment notification only.

As above, they’re on the notifications.


Oh okay what are the various types then?

Any idea about the other parts?

What you’d expect I guess. A coffee cup for Costa, a burger for McDonald’s etc. It can vary.

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I’m not really sure if this is possible to be universal.

Is it documented?

I’ve never seen it documented anywhere public.

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What is the reason behind asking this question? Perhaps it will be easier to understand if you explain where you’re going with this.

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Er, to be informed of the answer and understand how Monzo works better. I’m curious. What else do you mean?

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Just seemed like there was something more to this, no worries :slight_smile:

It’s just merchant data, simple as that. I believe you can make suggestions to have them changed just like all the other data.

You said you “but I can see” , I assume you mean can’t see?

Tbh I can’t remember, just pretty standard like a burger emoji for a restaurant , maybe a car for petrol etc

Thanks typo corrected :slight_smile:

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The emoji use makes sense for the given retailer as already alluded to. Emoji are a standard across all platforms as issued by ISO. Therefore a burger on one device will also be shown on another albeit they may appear slightly differently as each manufacturer can style the emoji in their own way. I.e. a Samsung, iPhone or general android phone will all have different designs for the emoji.

I’m curious as to why you wish to see the documentation, if it exists. You can see examples of the push notifications on the general Monzo product pages on their website.

I know what emoji are thanks (btw different designs for emoji are nothing to do with the OS or architecture but rather the typeface). Whether it “makes sense” is rather more subjective.

I’ve already said why I wish to see the documentation. Because I’m curious and it would obviously be interesting to see that mappings they have in place.

Okay I’m sorry, just wasn’t sure.

It’d be a rather large list :joy:

Subjection makes sense here though.

Costa = :coffee:
McDonalds or BK = :hamburger:
Cineworld = :tickets: or :popcorn:
Petrol = :fuelpump:

You get the gist.

Pay day from your employer or paying someone else is usually :money_with_wings:

Ultimately, the presence of the actual instant notification is the main feature more than the use of the emoji. An emoji is present in most of Monzo’s design language and overall “corporate voice”. The latter can be found on Monzo’s website somewhere.

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Right so which petrol stations have that emoji? And which coffee shops have the cup? What about if I go to a petrol station and buy a Costa coffee? Does Wimpy have a burger or a dinner plate? What about Meat Liquor?

Apparently they add/replace(?) some seasonally too?

If I hazard a guess, it’s most likely based on the data provided to Monzo from the payment processing merchant.

For example, McDonalds generally pass a bank the meta data that they’re a fast food restaurant. Monzo can also, by manual intervention, understand the merchant name meaning the likely result as a Burger. Likewise, a Subway purchase actually appears as a Subway sandwich / bread :baguette_bread:.

With your petrol station question, most fuel stations will be categorised as a petrol station / service station by their merchant bank and as such you purchasing a pint of milk from a Texaco would still appear as a Fuel station emoji. However, a Costa Coffee within a Motorway services may well appear as a Coffee emoji should they use their own payment merchant information.

The system isn’t always error free however. Recently in an airport I bought a Subway from the Subway store, but the Subway was a franchise run by the same company that run the airport Burger King. As they used the same physical merchant account for their chip-and-pin card machines the Subway purchase displayed a Burger. However, it said the merchant was “SSP Airport Services” in the instant notification.

In the vast majority of cases, it makes total sense though!

It won’t just display the emoji, it’ll always show the name too. So in that case it said

:hamburger: You spent £5.75 in SSP Airport Services. You’ve spent £345 today.”

They don’t change individual merchants seasonally. They temporarily change them all, sometimes, for big events. For example: Christmas, or gay pride.

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