Transaction Bug?

Which amount is correct? The iPhone or the Android version of the same transaction?

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@walderston Hmmm, that’s odd…Let me get back to you

@walderston How come your balance and spent today aren’t showing there? Is that normal for you?

@walderston apparently, the iOS app has not refreshed the transaction feed since the exchange rate has been locked. What you see in the Android app should be correct.

I think the iOS version is not updating a foreign transaction after it has been settled. I have a transaction in USD and I can see that it has been settled using the API, but the transaction feed on the app has still not updated. Although the balance on the app reflects the change because of the exchange rate.

No thats new after the balance issue during the night.

Edit: never mind, a force close and open resolved the balance/ today spend issue.

You’re right! I just logged out of the iOS app and back in and the amount is showing the android amount. Shame as I liked the 123.45 amount :wink:

I’ve got another pending USD transaction, I’ll wait and see if the final amount updates correctly on my iPhone and Android as there might be an issue with pushing the final amount on iOS.

Yup, looks like a bug! It’s on our list to fix :slight_smile: Thanks (and woo for Android winning this time :wink: )