Conversion Bug

Issue: Wrong amount shown on home screen for foreign transaction. Right amount shown in details screen.

Unsure if numbers are switched, as it shows £5.45 instead of the £4.55 shown on transaction details screen, or if it’s just completely wrong info coming in.

Details to reproduce: make a foreign transaction?
OS: iOS 14
Device: XS
App Version: TF 3.48


I believe that this has to do with the round ups/accelerate round ups.

Having a look at my feed I can see my [GBP] transactions in the feed as ‘transaction+roundup value’, but when the transaction in question is tapped, you can see the actual amount (if that makes sense)

I believe that since the feed has to be an accurate representation of outgoings/incomings, it has to be shown as the sun of both (otherwise it would come up as two separate transactions)

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You have a 90p round-up showing.

£4.55 + 0.90 = £5.45

It’s showing the right amount on the home screen for the transaction. There is no bug at all.

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Home page notification (image 1) is the total for the whole transaction. Within the transaction (image 2) it is broken down for you as stated above.

You have no need to worry!

Oh wow. How stupid of me. Yep. Roundups :man_facepalming:t2:

Idk why the foreign transaction threw me so much.


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