Exchange rates to USD incorrect - in a big way!

Exchange rates for USD payments/receipts showing VERY wrong values (See screenshot)

Receive a payment in USD
iPhone 8 Plus
3.32.0 #633

Should raise this with the COps using the chat in app

I’m sure this has come up before. If I recall correctly there was a perfectly rational explanation, but I didn’t understand it. I can’t recall what it was, either. But someone with super search powers might be able to dig it up.


If I remember rightly it’s a known, niche, bug that hasn’t been squashed yet.

Alas when the transaction settles it’ll be at the actual exchange rate, I seem to remember!

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This one? :grin:

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It’s not the one I remember, but it’s an answer for the OP :+1:

I could be recalling it from a different forum, I suppose.

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Thanks guys!

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