Trainline/Greater Anglia can't issue refunds to "online banks"


I am awaiting a season ticket refund from Greater Anglia (although their Smartcard is processed by The Trainline).

I’ve just called up to chase it and they sid it was issued on the 17th. Upon telling them I haven’t received it i am told that they can’t process refunds to “online banks”. She specifically mentioned Monzo or Starling as examples.

Does anyone know why this could be? I often have difficulty with setting up direct debits with Monzo with some providers (e.g. Virgin Credit Cards) too.

My understanding is that Monzo is a fully fledged bank and should work like any other, but i’m still having these issues. I’m keen to learn why i’m having these issues so that i can raise complaints in confidence.

Many thanks


This is ridiculous. Sounds to me like somebody just hasn’t updated their customer service script since Monzo got their banking licence to be honest.

Monzo is my only account these days so in your position I’d do what? Never be able to get my money?

I’d get in touch with Monzo’s support so that you’re fully informed but then go at the Trainline like a … well a train.


Fire off a quick email to and they’ll take care of them :facepunch: :laughing:

(but seriously, that’s what this team does - sorts out issues with stupid companies like this)


Report it to Monzo, they have an acceptance team who can investigate these issues with the merchant. It could be that they haven’t updated their BIN codes, or it could be they process refunds via an archaic mehtod that doesn’t work with Monzo because they haven’t fully built that part yet.

I recall there was an instance recently where someone had an interesting interaction with a merchant where they were able to get a refund for one item because the transaction was directly reversed, but they couldn’t get their second refund because that was a partial refund and the merchant was trying to send it a different way that didn’t work. I want to say it was Ryanair? But I can’t be sure and can’t find it now.


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So they won’t refund to first direct either?

Ridiculous distinction to make.


I know it’s not ideal but are they able to issue you a cheque in the meantime?

I had a refund from Greater Anglia (Stansted Express) last year and they posted me a cheque.

Don’t know if this helps when talking with them, but I’ve had Delay Repay payments from ScotRail direct to my :monzo: account, and I believe Trainline handle ticketing for ScotRail as well.

Yeah I only ever book through Trainline direct and have had tons of refunds back absolutely fine.

So they’re definitely incorrect and, like others said above, perhaps using an old script for when Monzo was prepaid.


Not sure about Trainline, but GA can definitely pay to Monzo accounts. Back when we were still allowed to go outside I (unfortunately) had many delay repay claims paid to Monzo, both via bank transfer and using card details.

Check out commuter club

Thanks all for the response.

Turns out the reason is because “Monzo doesn’t have a full banking licence”.

They are still looking into it but at least it’s clear this is a case of the retailer being utterly inept and not a Monzo issue.


Even though they do and have since April 2017 :roll_eyes: at least you’re making progress… all be it slow :laughing: :see_no_evil:

Like being on a Greater Anglia train :rofl:


Absolutely ridiculous but yup - someone hasn’t updated their manuals for three years :roll_eyes:

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