Direct debit guarantee


I have just seen that 3 took £181 and the monthly direct debit is £9 monzo are refusing to revert the direct debit under the direct debit gaurentee.

What do I do?

No response from contact within app.

Contact Three and have them refund it

Their closed. Monzo support is getting awful on live chat.

They did this to me with nationwide one day I know I am protected under the direct debit gaurentee.

I recommend you chat with the Three Complaints Team:

I found the specialist team very quick to respond on web chat when I spoke to them about a missing refund.

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  • If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by the organisation or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society

Three are useless on complaints

Have you tried to seek a resolution from the complaints team on the link provided to you, say Monzo are refusing to refund on their live chat.

I phoned monzo and the guy said contact 3 and I hanged up. Monzo support one chat is now awful it says they reply in a few hours.

On what grounds are Monzo refusing to refund you?

They won’t tell me on the phone. I can’t even get them to respond via the app. The support has become awful.

The direct debit is £9 unless there are additional charges. I assume the £181 isn’t listed on your phone bill?

You should I imagine just need to show monzo your bill that shows the direct debit amount was an error and they’ll reverse it.

Monzo will alert you when your direct debit is significantly different from prior amounts. Did you see this alert?

You’ll need to wait for support to respond, outside of urgent and very simple requests you’ll just have to wait a while.

Can you prove to monzo that you don’t owe the money? If so then send them the proof and request refund under direct debit guarantee and also contact Three about the issue

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to use the app as Monday evening a family member was rushed in to hospital. I have not left till today and they block the signal and the cloud never works.

In that case contact three. Monzo have given you an answer, if this isn’t satisfactory you can send them a formal complaint.

It’s not clear who you should contact from the direct debit guarantee but I assume it would be three in the case of them taking a wrong payment and monzo in the case of failing to make a payment.

In this case I imagine you should contact three as suggested, with the same info, your bill and a copy of what the took from your bank showing the difference.

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You need to contact 3 or provide proof to Monzo that you have been either incorrectly billed by 3 or that 3 have debited the wrong amount. To be fair to Monzo you need to prove there has been an error.

I’m not saying you have in this case, but some people rack up extra charges either abroad, downloading games, premium calls etc. So you need to prove you haven’t.


I have sent the proff over chat.

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First thing I’d do is check your 3 bill. If the bill is for £9, then send evidence to Monzo. If the bill is for £181, then contact 3.

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Monzo should be able to give you a full and immediate refund as per the guarantee. You dont have to offer any proof other than your say so. Advise them you wish to make a “Direct Debit Indemnity Claim”, give them the reason and they should deal with not. If not once its all blown over its worth raising a complaint for some compensation from Monzo