TfL Contactless Refund Claim Not Working

Last week I claimed a refund journey onto my card (where I hadn’t tapped out) and after a good week or so it seems the refund hasn’t come back into my account.

Has anybody else had this issue? It’s not a huge amount of money, only £4 or so, but it would be good to know if this could happen again in future.

As far as I’m aware, this isn’t a common issue. Your best bet is probably to ask the customer support team to look into this through the in-app chat or by emailing

If you think others could benefit from hearing the solution & it’s not just a one-time issue, please do share it here!

Thanks Alex, will do

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I made a claim the other day but called up as it wouldn’t let me do it online and they asked for my bank details, when I asked why it could not go back on my card they said it was because it was classed as a credit card?

Anyway I got the refund in my account in about 2 days.

I’d call them up and re do it.

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Thanks Danny.

@alexs, this could be one to share / consider for future development as I’m sure this will become a common issue in future.

It should be ok when full accounts become active though as they will then be debit cards

Out of interest, how did you get this resolved - was the refund just delayed?

To be clear, I don’t work for Monzo. But if you have any suggestions for ways that Monzo could help users with this issue, they will be seen by the team if you post them here :slight_smile:

Monzo employees can be identified by the :monzo: in their photo:


Hi Alex,

I had to call TfL and they had to refund it to my Natwest account, they take your account details (sort code and account number) as they see the Monzo card as a prepaid credit card and they only issue refunds to bank accounts.

I’m sure this will be fine once Monzo gets actual bank accounts, but for now it might be useful to warn people about using their Monzo card as a contactless payment on London trains and underground.



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We’ll be working on a blog post on this very soon which I think will be a good reference. There are plenty of issues relating to the prepaid card which will be resolved once we launch debit cards but there will be certain issues which we’ll still need to give people a heads up about when using Monzo on TFL.

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