Totals not adding up


Okay, so I been keeping and eye on these over the past couple of months and noticed that they are becoming wildly inaccurate. I started the month with an overall budget of £500 and just £500 in the account but now the total balance and budget do not match. Anyone else seeing this happen.

Did you exclude something from summary?

That was my first though but no.

Do you have any monthly card payments eg spotify, Netflix ect? These are deducted from my overall total to leave me with the “left to spend amount”

Dunno if this will help you ?

But left to spend is higher than his balance

your budget doesnt have to equal your account balance - its a guide that you have set - you could have set a guide budget for eating out of £500 with no other budget allocation and only spent £ 28 eating out this month but spent an additional £51 fuel which you haven’t allocated a budget to ??? :man_shrugging:

So I am only using an overall budget of £500. You could be right about it being subscriptions, but if it is these then it’s pretty rubbish that you cannot pay these from a pot and they screw up your budget calculations.

Not sure if it’s the same thing, but I’ve found recently when I move money to a pot it doesn’t come off the budget which puts my balance and left to spend out of sync some times. Would be nice to have the option to exlude or not with pot movements.

As we are in lockdown my transactions are minimal so I have gone through them one by one working out the running total (something that would be useful if it was visible in the app). What I have confirmed 100% is that it doesn’t add up. The difference doesn’t even equal any transaction or a combination of transactions.

I would download a statement to the current date and see what it says. I often find mine get out of sync but in my case it’s because I tend to use an Amex card to pay for things and I put money into a pot to cover the expense.

I turned off the budget features months ago, found it to be totally inadequate at doing the job I needed it to. Much better now it’s turned off and don’t have to look at it


Yeah that’s how I worked out it wasn’t adding up correctly. Although how it can get £50 out is not good at all.

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