Shortfall between money left in Summary and actual available balance


Not sure if anyone can actually help with this but it’s been driving me a bit mad and wanted to know if I’m just missing something really obvious.

I’m at the end of my monthly salary cycle and my Summary is telling me I have £200 more left to spend than my actual available balance.

The only things I can see may have happened are either, (a) I budgeted for more money than I actually had for the month, or (b) some payments during the month have been unknowingly excluded from my Summary. But I’ve gone back through my budgeting and everything seems to add up (budget for the month was just my salary minus committed spending and savings sent to my ISA), and there’s nothing unexpected in the Excluded section of my Summary.

Totally baffled. Can’t imagine it’s a problem with the app but I’m at a loss as to what I’m missing. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


If that’s how you want to budget, turn the budget off completely and it runs from your balance directly. If you want to use the budget then you need to work on the understanding that there’s no direct link to your balance and things like e.g. transferring money to pots, have no budget impact.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I’m aware of those things, but you’re right it’d make it more transparent just to run the Summary directly from my balance, so will do that for the future. Still can’t work out where that extra money’s gone though :man_shrugging:t2: Oh well…

Yeah. I’ve not used it the “other” way so I can’t offer much else by way of ideas.

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