Interesting maths


So I ran across a weird bug today. Any idea what is happening here? My spent today is less than the smallest transaction I had. It cannot be the value from yesterday as yesterday I spent £40ish

(Toby Toller) #2

You’ve spent £5.60 and been refunded £2.90 so your net ‘spend’ is £2.70

As the transaction being refunded from 3rd June will have been included in your ‘spent today’ then it makes sense to remove it now it’s been refunded - to avoid double accounting.

Although it would be nice if the refund fitted into 3rd June on your feed, it would be less accurate as the refund was received today.

The payments from others don’t factor into spend.

PS - I’m jealous of how smooth your pulse graph is :nerd_face:


This was the first thing I noticed :confused::pensive:

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Something which grates on my OCD is the multiple data points on pulse throughout a single day. Two examples from today alone of why I find this irritating.


  1. I use pots to budget for my upcoming direct debits (eg. Moneybox). I knew this was coming out today so I moved £40 out of a pot which led to a spike.

  2. A friend paid me back for tickets I bought on his behalf with a credit card (so as not to decrease my Monzo balance when I know it’s not my money I’m spending/help with budgeting until paid back). Even though paid off straight after payment was received it also causes a spike.

Circled in red is my pulse record for today, which I would much rather see as a smooth line equating to about £12 less (i.e. my actual spend/moved into pots from today).

Incidentally, although currently unrelated the large Amex payment for the ticket is excluded from my summary - would be great to see this exclusion apply to spent today and to pulse.

Ultimately none of this matters, but I like things to look neat, and I feel like Pots and Pulse are budgeting tools, and this would be the expected behaviour for them.

PS - don’t mean to hijack the post, maybe this is better moved to pulse/summary feedback


Don’t be. This is only because I’m not getting paid this month :confused:


That actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you. So basically the refund goes towards the net “spend” but not the incoming bank transfers from people. A wee bit odd but I get it.


I totally agree with you and this is something that bothers me as well. It would be great to somehow link the incoming transfers (full or partial coverage - for instance if you split the bill) to the spending so that they could cancel each other out and stop from interfering with the spending tab as it leads to inaccurate predictions.

And yeah, if you can you should X-post this in the feedback thread :slight_smile: