Topped up via bank transfer 2 days ago!

(Léona Kamio) #1

I’m abroad and my phone is broken so I can’t use the the way I usually top up which is Apple Pay.

I made a bank transfer 2 days ago (mid week, not a bank holiday) using Faster Payments Outgoing and although it showed on my LLoyds account straight away; it still hasn’t gone through to my Monzo account!?

Last time I made a bank transfer it took less than 24 hours.

As I cannot go on the help chatline through the app - is there someone else who could look into it please?


(Hugh) #2

This should be added to your account by 11am BST the following day :confused:

You’ll need to contact support which you can either email or phone +448008021456

(Léona Kamio) #3

Thanks very much - will do!

(Jolin) #4

Actually, I think the number from abroad is +44 20 3322 4650.

(Hugh) #5

Oooh, yeh - my mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

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