Topping Up & Transferring Money

Anyone else struggling to add money to their new current account from a first direct account? Faster payments seemingly not working with them, they will, “try to do it tomorrow” apparently. And nationwide insist on me using a bloody calculator that I don’t have. WHY ARE BANKS SO SH*T!?

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I transferred £100 from FD within seconds of activating my current account last night.

Previously transferring money to Starling was held up by FD for anti-fraud checks.

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Thanks Dave. That’s very weird - in which case faster payments aren’t working for me. I tried again this morning and while the first payment has popped up, the second hasn’t and that was half an hour ago.

Mine went through ok yesterday at 22:54.

Mine went through basically instantly from FD earlier. Hope you got it sorted!:crossed_fingers:t2:

Sorry I forgot to post a reply. The first few payments were “delayed” they would take a couple of hours - but more recently I am getting them instantly :ok_hand:

I’m seeing the same delays with Faster Payments transfers from First Direct, checked with Monzo support and it sounds like something First Direct are doing. In the end it took a little over 3 hours to come through.

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