Topping up by bank transfer vs debit


hi! Is topping up by bank transfer to my monzo account instantaneous or does it take a day or two? Also - does it make sense for me to do a bank transfer top up rather than a debit card top up if I am doing ‘little and often’ rather than bigger amounts say once a month? I want to save monzo any money I can but I can’t top up larger amounts at a time.

(Jack) #2

Bank Transfers are normally instant but can take up to 2 hours,

This is the best way to save Monzo money.

(#savetheseabass) #3

Before the i even get to confirmation screen from Barclays I get a confirmation from Monzo, so seconds


It will depend on what bank you are with. With some it can take hours but with others instant. Any banks listed as members on the FPS website are instant. Also any electronic money institution that directly connects, currently Transferwise (but others like Monese are also considering joining FPS too so this information is only current as of today). Some banks like the big high street banks will transfer 7 days a week, other banks like Handelsbanken and Fidor do so 5 days a week, i.e. not weekends.