Tonik Energy Direct Debit

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Has anyone else tried to setup a DD with Tonik?

I’m in the strange position where it appears in my account as a DD but they’re unable to take the money and took the money from my Nationwide account instead.

Weirdly, I got an email telling me my DD was setup with my Monzo account, but on ringing them they told me it was erroring out. The person I spoke to said that they needed Gocardless to update their systems.
Are we aware of anywhere else that uses Gocardless and has/hasn’t had this issue?


Tom founded Go Cardless. If anywhere is on top of things I’d have thought they’d have updated their things.

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I know I recognised the name! :joy:

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I’ve been cancelling my old bank DDs when I’ve set up new ones in :monzo: that way it will either fail or work :slight_smile:

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That’s what I hadn’t done. I should have moved and cancelled at the same time.

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