Vodafone Direct Debit


I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a problem with their Vodafone direct debit? I have switched all my direct debits over to Monzo and am now using it as my main account. The Vodafone one was the first one due out since switching, but the payment never came out despite it appearing in the recuring payments section in the app.

I logged into my Vodafone account today and the payment method section doesn’t show any direct debit as being set up.

Has anyone else experienced this?


(Allie) #2

Mine works perfectly

(Sacha) #3

Mine has gone out monthly since Sept 17.


I wouldn’t trust Vodafone with anything, and I’m still a customer!!

I switched banks many years ago, and Vodafone was the only direct debit that didn’t get transferred. If I were you, I would contact them to get it sorted now, otherwise they may just block your phone service the next time payment is due if it fails (like they did with me, without warning or explanation).

(James Wheatley) #5

It’s the only one I have changed so far because it was the easiest to do, just logged into my account and put the Monzo details in and everything has been working fine since.


Ive had so many issues with Vodafone but unfortunately are one of the few companies that give me good 4g coverage where I live


Yeah I did that originally and it added it fine, and then the direct debit didn’t come out a few days ago. Logged on again and now its not setup. Ive set it up again and paid the outstanding amount via debit card so I guess ill have to wait and see if it happens again next month. It worries me a little as I have life insurance and car tax direct debits due soon.

(Rhys Short) #8

I had some issues with getting my Vodafone DD set up. Essentially they attempted to claim the money from my Monzo account before the direct debit was actually set up. It’s worked consistently since the second bill date after switching it to monzo though.