Fraudulent experience

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So i received a text last night from Uber saying my account information has been changed so i tried to log into my account which was unsuccessful. I contacted Uber who recovered my account and once i had logged back in there was 4 rides under my account from India (I’ve never been there).

I proceeded to contact TSB’S fraud department who were apparently ‘‘too busy’’ to take my call which i dont get, they did cancel my card and are sending me a new one in 5-7 days. (:monzo: wins that one) and ill get a call back in 24 hours with an update again. the worst part is that i have all my payments DD and normal all come off within a week from payday, today for me.

FRAUD SUCKS!! And always use 2FA on your accounts it just saved my ass and thankfully i can put money into my Monzo account to keep me going for the next few days.

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Sorry to hear that :disappointed: I’ve yet to meet a person that has not been affected by fraud, be it transactions, attempted ones, or card details misplaced by a bank. Sad times we live in where a person’s morals are that corrupt they steal from honest people.


Direct debits shouldn’t be affected in the slightest, unless you don’t have enough in your account to cover them?

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Direct debits will be fine, it’s just those little buggery ones that use the 16 digit number.

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