'To spend' balance should take into account pending unscheduled direct debits

As a Monzo current account customer
If I have a pending direct debit (greyed out in my feed) that’s not scheduled (like a credit card DD)
Then the pending direct debit amount should be subtracted from my ‘to spend’ total
So that I can clearly see how much money I have ‘to spend’.

It works this way if you don’t have any budgets set - as in: what is shown as left-to-spend is the result of what is in the account now minus what is in the upcoming committed spending section of Summary (until the end of the current Summary period)

If you set budgets, the left-to-spend display acts differently.

The other thing that may be seen to mess things up (but in fact it doesn’t) is the use of a Bills pot. If you assign a payment (Scheduled payment, D/D) to be paid from a pot, then it shows in the feed as an upcoming ‘greyed out’ transaction but it will not affect the left-to-spend amount, so long as you have enough in the Bills pot to cover the upcoming payment. In effect, as soon as the payment goes from greyed-out to normal, the bills pot transfer happens and the left-to-spend is therefore not affected.