How can I make my ‘available to spend’ balance take account of upcoming direct debits?

Hello all. I’ve jus switched from a ‘normal’ bank, primarily because (I hope) Monzo can help me budget by showing how much I have left to spend and still pay all my regular direct debits. How would people set this up, if it can be done.

Hi Ben - Monzo will certainly help you budget and get some peace of mind over your finances - bear in mind you will have to pay your DDs before Monzo know and account for them in your budgets, so will need a month or so to start being useful - you might find some tips on how things work in this blog post and the related articles on the right

and to segregate your money from your current account into different pots that your DDs can be paid automatically from as an extra bit of friction so you’re not tempted to spend your DD money before you pay them …


Something missing from the Understanding Left to Spend help article is how it interacts with budget.

If an overall budget is not set then left to spend is simply account balance minus remaining committed spending (as described in help article). But if an overall budget is set then left to spend is overall budget minus spent minus remaining committed spending (I think; it’s a while since I used budgets).

This distinction confused the hell out of me when I first tried to use the summary. I think Monzo needs to explain it better.

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