"Left to spend" confusion

So I have a monthly budget of £1,600. So far I’ve spent £70, so it shows £1,530 left to spend on the summary page.

-A £1,000 direct debit came out of my account today, so my balance is £530 - how do I have £1,530 left to spend (or does “left to spend” update at the end of every day?)
-Left to spend doesn’t seem to be taking into account the other £90 of direct debits in committed spending that are due to come out later this month (it used to take these into account).

When you set a budget, I believe you’re supposed to ignore the committed spending i.e. you’re setting a budget for your non committed (discretionary) spending.

(I don’t use the budget personally, I work from account balance on the summary page).


Makes sense. And I actually prefer it that way. But by that measure, the “spent today” amount on the Pulse graph and push notifications should also exclude committed spend/DDs.

No, since the pulse graph and the associated numbers represents your real world account balance and is independent of the budget for Summary.

Keeping the two separate to do their different jobs is probably quite important I feel.


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