"Tipping point" for Apple Pay as majority of UK tills accept limitless payments - The Telegraph

Looks like it’s time to start trying larger payments from your phone :tada:

The majority of Apple Pay tills in the UK can now accept mobile payments above £30, bringing the tech giant’s vision of replacing the wallet a step closer.

Retailers now accepting the higher-value payments include supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and restaurants including Pizza Express and Nando’s.

Good news for Apple, Android & Samsung Pay users. Monzo’s development of mobile NFC payments is on the roadmap here.


Hopefully the roll out of NFC ATM’s speeds up then we really can drop our cards.


“majority” is going to be fairly subjective to your buying habits but it’s great to see an increase in support for CDCVM! :slight_smile:


Not sure this is going to make much of a difference if you live outside a city.

As I’ve posted before, my local town has only got contact less payment in our supermarkets and barely any of my local shops have contact less payment. Most of the terminals that are contact less don’t accept mobile payments either.

Would be nice if I lived in a city though!

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Until the battery runs out.

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