TicketSwap doesn't accept Monzo

Do we think this is Monzo side (as they imply) or that TicketSwap just don’t want Monzo to be used??

If Monzo can handle McDonalds/Amazon they can definitely handle a small ticket company.


Completely agree, think it is a shame they have tried to blame the bank, when I assume there is another reason behind it


Was is a virtual card ?

I’m curious what the 1st 6 digits of the card are?

No, normal Monzo

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It could be that pesky old thing though where they were getting a lot of chargebacks, specifically from Monzo customers (fraudulent ones).

I remember a while ago there were a few small businesses who reported something similar to that which led to them refusing Monzo cards specifically.

Yes, it was a DIY firm IIRC. I don’t know what the legality of refusing certain types of MasterCard are, but it certainly seemed more trouble than it was worth to dispute it.

It’s the same in Germany, I have had vendors refuse to take non-German credit or debit cards, and then, when faced with a German debit card I do have, then claim they don’t accept cards from non-Germans. It’s all about risk to them. (And bigotry)