Monzo not accepted

Right today is my cheat day after 2 months which means I can have carbs… Usually its keto diet for me…
There was a sign saying min order 20 on card in a Indian restaurant.
My order came up to 22 pounds…
Then I gave my monzo card… And the lady said we don’t accept monzo…
Then I had to use my lloyds card…
Is this right?

Not on Monzo. Restaurant is being silly, and in fact, (iirc) breaking their ToS with Mastercard.


Unless they didn’t accept all mastercards then yes they were wrong

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Did you ask them why?

If anyone says “We don’t accept Monzo”, they next words out of the customer’s lips should be:

“Do you accept Mastercard?”

If the answer is yes, then, as @Zain says, they’re breaking their agreement with Mastercard and this isn’t at all right.

I’ve yet to run into such a place myself, but I have a plan if I do. I’ll ask if they take Google Pay, and then use my Monzo card through my phone instead :grin:

Actually, with the majority of places where I pay by card, if the machine is right there in front of me already, I’ll say “I’d like to pay by card” without saying what card, and then get my card out of my wallet and tap it before they get the chance to tell me its not accepted. If If they gave me trouble afterwards I’d kick right off.

Also worth reporting declines to COps in the in-app chat so they can pass to the merchant acceptance team to investigate.

tl;dr, they’re playing silly buggers.


I am suffering for enough depression as it is… I don’t need the added stress

What this needs is for a largish group to book a meal. Go for a meal and then all indicate they wish to pay by Monzo at the end.


It was a takeaway order for my self and mum… Anything wrong?

Nothing wrong in that at all, I think you’ve misunderstood my point.

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It isn’t your fault at all. It sounds like the business was just being awkward.

Head somewhere else next time and don’t give it a second thought

But the thing is why don’t monzo do anything about it

What did they say when you told them?

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Because they don’t know about it, maybe?

They have been not to

How would they know its a mozo card then?

Of corse they know… I said it several times… And monzo being my main acc

You told monzo several times?

I’m getting confused

This is the stupidist answer i don’t want to give here

Never said that… B4 tappin they asked me what card that was

Well if it’s my main account… Now…
Should they care as a bank