Company refusing to take Monzo

Hello, if a website refuses to take specifically Monzo cards whilst advertising the Mastercard logo is this not against the terms and conditions of accepting Mastercard as a payment option?

Site in question used to accept the cards but has since stopped, no reason given.

I know having looked into it before that VISA frown on companies using their logo but rejecting certain cards.

Yeah it’s exactly that if you dobbed them into Mastercard, then Mastercard could in theory say we need you to take this card if you say you take Mastercard.

I don’t know if Mastercard would do anything if they didn’t comply.

What website is it ofc?

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It’s the BetVictor website. Just been doing some digging on twitter and found this thread so they are saying it’s Monzo who are refusing withdrawls from BetVictor.

Why would that be Monzo?

There’s no way Monzo have stopped allowing refunds.

Yes I agree.

Is it possible for Monzo to take this up with BetVictor or Mastercard for breach of terms? I tried to find a way to contact Mastercard but they referred me here on the website.

You can email


I’ve used Monzo on betvictor multiple times a day in some cases

It’s a recent thing. Last few days.

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Have you changed your monzo card recently?

Is gambling block off?

Just to add: you are right - yes it is.

The retailer’s contract with Mastercard will have terms in it that prohibit “discrimination” of cards on the network - meaning that if you are prepared to accept one Mastercard, and have signed up to accept Mastercards, you must also accept all Mastercards.


I wanted to spread Halfords repair bill, but they refused to accept Monzo. So I paid in full.

Have not changed anything with the card at all mate.

This is just what happens with Monzo. It’s a tale as old as time.
It’s likely to be the retailers issue but you’re going to come back to this every now and again when you find another site or shop that won’t accept it.

You’re not going to be able to do anything about it…


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