Android Update: Travel Reports

(Courtney Lee) #1

Last month we shared everything we’re working on in The Big List. Something we committed to fixing was the differences in features between Android and iOS.

Today we’re pleased to share that we’ve ticked another item off The Big List. Travel Reports are now available on Android!

(Nik) #2

What I noticed with travelling abroad, especially in far away time zones, is that the ‘Daily Spent’ seems to be stuck to British Time.

So I might get a notifications when I buy dinner that I spent “£10 in total today”, because it’s a new day in the UK, whereas in reality I spent another £5 on lunch before.


it is not GMT or BST but UTC.

(Tim Banting) #4

I want to be able to log transactions as ‘expense’ then export a travel report to my expenses department.

The amount of money a company could save based on excellent exchange rates are significant. Also, easy for splitting dinner bills between employees etc.

The icing on the cake would be to scan an image of receipts and have that appear in a report. Makes expenses really easy!

(Kevin) #5

I’m reading this after having returned from Greece having travelled out on 5th July. The initial travel report certainly didn’t happen on my Android handset, should I have done something or should it be automatic? It would certainly have been a useful feature to have.

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(Patrick) #8

I’ve been abroad several times and I’m in Ireland at the moment - I’ve never had a travel report or anything saying welcome to x country or welcome home (Android).

(Andy Hughes) #9

I’ve had the welcome message and summary for Canada, Portugal and Germany, but never Spain, which is really confusing.

(Patrick) #10

I’ve done, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Ireland. Never seen it.

(James Bamkin) #11

I noticed this whilst touring the US and Canada seem the trigger for the report was leaving the country you are visiting, rathan returning home, I kept getting reports each time crossed the border. Is this the correct behaviour?

(Andy Hughes) #12

Just got a Welcome to Spain message after having my card rejected in an ATM :joy: I don’t get exactly triggers the welcome message or the summary!

(Sam) #13

I got a welcome to the USA message when using my card here for the first time, but no option to auto-categorise all transactions under “holidays” :frowning: is this a feature that has been removed?

(Sam) #14

@Jami sorry to tag you directly Jami, but I’m off on holiday again in a couple of weeks and wanted to ask about the auto-categorisation of foreign transactions. Does this option still exist? I couldn’t see it at all on my last trip.

(Jami Welch) #15

@FlyingDutchman I think that option is only available on iOS, are you using Android?

(Sam) #16

I am on Android - in the original blog post it says this:

“The option to automatically categorise all your payments as expenses or holidays, whether you’re away for business or pleasure”

Is the blog post incorrect then?

(John) #17

Same for me, was away recently for a week in France, got the monzo welcome to France message, however no option to categorise everything and no travel report upon return which was a few days ago and I have since used my card several times.

(Bruce) #18

Likewise my recent trip to the Middle East did not provide me the normal option